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the ultimate journey

Are you feeling spiritually stuck? Do often find yourself thinking, "There must be more"? Is there something in your life you don't know how to "get over" or "get past"? Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, anger, or addiction? Have you experienced abuse? Do you find yourself hurting the very people you love most? The Ultimate Journey will help you identify the areas where you are struggling and assist you toward a deeper relationship with God. You will learn a new way of looking at yourself, be guided toward freedom and be transformed. This Christ-centered, small-group discipleshp process takes place in three phases.

Phase 1: unpacking self-deception

You will receive healing for hurts and wounds and uncover the lies you believe that have held you back, tripped you up, and even derailed you at times. By looking at the past events of your life, you will be able to identify your current thinking patters, uncover how you acquired them, and embrace the truth that sets you free. If you have been looking for a safe, confidential place help you get on with your life, this is it!

Phase 2: abandoning self-reliance

You will discover God's solution to your guilt, shame, fear, and anxiety as you come to know God for who He really is rather than who you think He is. You will move beyond the hopelessness of never feeling good enough as you leave the treadmill of performance or addiction. As you live out this intimate, bonded relationship with your Creator, you will be able to trust Him and draw everything you need from Him.

Phase 3: embracing self-surrender

This phase provides practical tools that enable you to take the power of God beyond head knowledge and apply it to your everyday life. As you exchange old thinking patterns for those of your Creator, you will be transformed by the renewing of your mind. You will learn what it means to abide in Christ and experience the blessing of a life surrendered to Him.

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