sunday at 8:30am, 10:00am, and 11:30am

It is our hope that you will experience God through His people and through His presence. We know it is not easy going to a new building with new people who may have a new way of doing church. We try to keep things simple, casual, and friendly and want you to know that you can be yourself.

Before the service

Please help yourself to coffee, tea and snacks in the back of the auditorium in the café. All our coffee is bought and roasted locally from Burgie's Coffee. Feel free to grab a snack or something to drink and have a seat in the auditorium (yes, you can bring food and coffee into the auditorium).

We always begin our services with an opening song to get everyone "warmed up". The order of service is printed in the bulletin you receive when you arrive. Service lasts approximately 65-70 minutes.


We believe the Bible is God's word to us and His instruction manual for our lives. We strive to teach the Bible in relevant and practical ways that encourage and challenge us to live our lives for God.

Responding to God

We have 20-25 minutes of worship music. The picture of worship in the Bible is one of heart-felt expression to God; worship is expressed! It is our desire that everyone attempt to worship in a way that is both genuine and extravagant in response to God's real and extravagant love for us. During this time you may also respond to God through communion and offering.


We believe God is real and that He desires to help us with our problems and empower us for life. You can receive prayer in response to the teaching or for any other reason. No one will pressure you, but we encourage you to be open to receiving prayer on a regular basis.